Loveland, CO Downtown

Loveland, CO

The Conceptual Illustrations developed during the project show possible
physical improvements to the downtown environment in order to
create a vibrant, safe and inviting public realm downtown. These public
improvements are meant to stimulate and complement private investments
in downtown buildings and business, while enhancing the downtown’s
role as the cultural heart of the Loveland community.
The project focuses on three main improvements: a public gathering
place where people can linger and where special events can be held;
enhanced streetscapes to provide an inviting pedestrian environment
and space for patio dining; and a series of pedestrian-oriented alleyways
allowing people to easily move between activity centers, such as the Rialto
Theater, Loveland Museum-Gallery, and residences, without walking
along the state highway.
The location of the proposed plaza reflects the consensus of the
Loveland Downtown Team and public input received. The plaza includes
a mix of hardscaped surfaces, water features and green spaces, while
providing space for both casual gathering and organized events.
All of these improvements are aimed at enhancing a sense of community
and creating a vibrant, safe and engaging downtown for Loveland
and the region. While the specific designs will likely be modified
through future public and design process, we hope that the concepts,
elements and characteristics illustrated in this report reflect the consensus
of the Downtown Team and the community, and will form a strong
basis for continuing efforts.

Downtown streetscape design, plaza design, and planning project