Historic Medina Family Cemetery

Existing site looking towards the northwest.

Existing site looking towards the southeast, the orange flags denote historic grave plots.

A series of design alternates were created in response to information and input gathered at community meetings and steering committee presentations.

Final conceptual master plan, completed July 2010.

Aerial perspective view facing towards the south east. The main pedestrian entrance point is located on the north edge of the site off of 3rd st. An entrance sign and prominent planting denote the memorial cemetery entrance. upon entering the site, the visitor passes a series of interpretive timeline segments, each representing a prominent event in Mariano medina’s history. The visitor then enters the main plaza area through a stone arch, ornamented with Medina’s “blue cross”.

View looking towards the east into the pedestrian plaza. The small memorial plaza is located on the south eastern portion of the site. The plaza includes a reconstructed white washed stone enclosure, replicated memorial headstone markers, and a ceremonial white flag, all intended to pay homage to the historical character of the cemetery.

Aerial perspective depicting a close up view of the memorial plaza looking towards the north west. The plaza and stone wall enclosure are situated on the highest point of the site, and a vegetative buffer would be ideal to lessen the impact of Namaqua Rd. on the site. The plaza itself is meant to be a safe place of reflection and remembrance. Interpretive signage will be placed throughout the site in order to guide the visitor through Medina’s story and history.

Promotional Pamphlet created to increase community involvement and raise funds to begin implementing the design.

Loveland, CO Historical Society
Historic cemetery design, Landscape design