Victor Downtown Plaza

City of Victor

Pridian Design Group and the City of Victor came together in early October to focus on the creation of a public plaza that can double as a parking lot during major events. Victor is rich in historic character, and the plaza needed to blend into the surrounding buildings, almost all of which were re-built in 1908 after a major fire.

The City was pressed for time to create a conceptual design to include in a grant application, so the PDG team led a fast paced design charrette to help ensure grant approval. PDG met with the town on site and spent the afternoon in meetings, the evening was spent creating conceptual sketches and plans. The concepts were presented in the morning, and positive feedback was collected to take to the office for revisions. Within a week, a final concept booklet was sent to the town to fold into their application.

Downtown Re-Vitalization, Historically Conscious Design, Design Charrette